Your own content channel

100% Customized

Join the corporate video trend that will position your content.

Accessible and easy to navigate

Your users will feel so comfortable on your platform that they won't even have to learn how to use it.

100% digital interaction

With POLPOFLIX your users will be able to interact with the content, sponsors, and themselves through stories, videos, audios, and chats, just as they do on their social media.


You can create up to 5 profiles per account and provide exclusive content for each category.

Upload any type of content to your site







Why your own platform?

Your audience is yours

Stop giving away your customers to YouTube and other streaming platforms. With POLPOFLIX you own your community.

Everything in one place

Your audience will not have to switch between social networks, video platforms, and your website. POLPOFLIX can be linked to any platform so that everything is in just one ecosystem.

100% customization

We design the entire platform aligned with your brand book.

Content in the palm of your hand

At any time, from any place, and from any device, your users will be able to access all available information regularly.

Better exposure to your company's sponsors or partners

Your allied companies can interact with your audience: content channels, conferences, training, stories, banners, etc. In addition, they will receive navigation metrics and data, which will generate valuable insights from their users.

Connect your on-site events with the world

The best platform for hybrid and virtual events.

Expand your in-person events’ reach and coverage by opening them up to a broader audience base.

Generate more excitement and leads for your sponsors by maximizing the reach of their content.


Train your teams. Drive growth and measure results

An interface so friendly your users will have no trouble engaging with training. We provide you with data for continuously improving your methodologies and evaluations.

Ticket Service

Sell your tickets online without leaving the platform

We connect with any payment gateway. We can also adjust to any need and advise you on achieving the best user shopping experience.

Who are already part of this trend?

Take advantage of the power of data

Get to know your viewers like never before

POLPOFLIX is designed for you to get to know the behavior, tastes, and preferences of your users. Use the information to generate the best experience.

Benefits for the administrator

Digital Transformation of your business. It will provide a modern and intuitive tool to all its users.

Have a content library available 24/7 throughout the year.

Customize the solution to 100%

Streaming of videos or events within the same platform.

Upload new content regularly and retain your affiliates with invitations to new content or events.

Publish your own content and that of partners to enrich the library.

You are one click away
from entering the era of

business and personal content.

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